Curriculum and Assessment for Parents

We hope you found our Curriculum and Assessment information session useful. Our presentations provided you with information on how assessment for learning is embedding and driving learning, the new terminology that will be used to measure this, how we will report progress and attainment to parents, and what this will look like for your child as they progress through school.

Learning and Tracking Progress and Attainment in Maths and English

We shared an in-depth look at new expectations within the curriculum for Maths and English, how we organise the curriculum and learning across the school and what this means for your child and how you can support their learning at home.

Each of the resources used in our workshop has been published here for your reference. In some cases you may be required to download Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to read the documents.

In addition to the materials we have provided for download, a further resources that you benefit from reading as a Parent or Carer exist online:

Resources and Examples from our Workshop

Head Teacher, Mrs Martin, set the context with her presentation, Masterful Teaching, Mastery Learning .

Deputy Head Teacher, Miss Westaway and classroom colleagues gave a detailed explanation of the English and Maths Curriculum, Learning in Maths, Learning in English .

We covered both English and Maths in the workshop; the documents below include learning examples for each subject, presented here for your reference in Adobe Acrobat format.

To further support you in understanding our approach to Maths, we explain the key mathematical methods in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division through a series of videos. Further information about Maths Calculation Policy and Objectives in our curriculum is explained in our Maths Calculation Policy and long term progress expectations.