The School Day

The School operates a three session day, with children being given one morning break and a break for lunch.

Arriving at school – drop off and go

School gates are open for children to be dropped off at the gate 08:30. All gates close promptly at 08:38. All children must be in class for registration at 08:40.

Parents and carers are respectfully requested not to go to classrooms to speak with the classteacher in the morning as they will be focused on the needs of the class. Should you have any messages for class teachers, please either write these in your child's communication book, or share them via school reception in the morning. There is an opportunity to briefly talk to class teachers in the school playground after school has finished and if you need to discuss any issues with the class teacher in depth, please make an appointment to do so via reception.

It is our policy that parking in the school grounds is strictly for staff only. Parents are not permitted to use the school car park at any time, including for early morning and after school clubs. All parents are reminded that the main school gates form the access route for emergency services and should not be obstructed at any time, as indicated by appropriate line markings.

Leaving School

Part of our responsibility is to ensure that children leaving school do so safely and in most cases this requires that we direct and observe the departure of children on the playground at the end of the school day.

In order to help us safely and effectively manage this process, we ask that parents wait a good distance from the school buildings and access steps. This will allow teachers to bring children onto the playground and have a clear view of waiting parents. Please wait for your child’s class teacher to send your child to you, rather than move toward the remainder of the class, which makes it difficult for us to manage children and identify waiting parents.

If you would like to allow your child to walk home independently, please send a written letter to the school office explaining this, clearly stating your child’s name and class. Letters giving permission for a child to make their own way home must also be sent to each after school club your child may be participating in.

  • 08:40 : Session 1
  • 10:30 : Morning Break
  • 10:45 : Session 2
  • 12:10 : Lunch Break
  • 12:10 - 12:35 : Lunch sitting for year 3 and 5
  • 12:35 - 13:00 : Lunch sitting for year 4 and 6
  • 13:00 : Session 3
  • 15:20 : School Ends

Session 1 includes registration, as described below in an extract from our Absence Policy.

At the end of the school day, teachers will lead the class on to the Junior School playground where parents should collect their child.


This process is undertaken electronically. The procedure for daily school registration is outlined below. The register is a legal document and may be used as evidence in a Court of Law.

  • Registers should be accurate and completed on-line.
  • Any alterations must be unambiguous.
  • Children must not mark the register under any circumstances.

Morning registration

Arrangements for the start of term from September 2021 are explained below. These are now different from the arrangements that had previosuly applied during the coronavirus pandemic, as explained in our letter of July 2021 .

Drop off:

  • School starts for all children at 8.30am
  • All gates are opened at 8.30am when school starts, children enter and go directly to their classes to start the school day promptly and be registered by 8.40 (children not in class for registration will be marked as late)
  • Children may enter the school grounds through any gate.
  • Parents and carers to drop children off at the school gate and continue to allow children to enter school independently, the children have greatly benefited from this arrangement.
  • Staff members to be on duty at each gate to open them at 8.30am and welcome all children on site.
  • All gates will close promptly at 8.38am.
  • Children arriving after this time must proceed via the main pedestrian gate with their parent / carer to the school office for the parent / carer to sign the child in as 'late'
  • Morning registration will take place at 8.45am
  • Children arriving after 8.46am-8.55am will be marked as ‘late before registration closes’ (L)
  • Children arriving after 8.55am will be marked as ‘late after registration closes’ and the absence will be unauthorised (U)

Afternoon registration

  • Afternoon registration for all years will take place at 1.05pm


  • School ends at 3.20pm
  • All gates will open at 3.15pm and you may enter the school grounds and remain only on the playground.
  • Staff will lead children to the playground to be collected.
  • Children may walk/scoot/cycle home only if we have received written permission from parents.
  • All gates will close promptly at 3.30pm.

PE days

PE days for the first half of Autumn term 2023

Your child should wear their PE kit to school on the following days:

  • Monday: 3LO, 3BR, 5PB, 6KH, 6SB, 6FS
  • Tuesday: 4RE, 5BL, 5GH, 5TC, 5PB, 6GR, 6FS
  • Wednesday: 4HR, 4GG, 5TC, 5GH, 6GR, 6KH
  • Thursday: 3LE, 3ZF, 3BR, 3LO, 4CT, 4RE
  • Friday: 3LE, 3ZF, 4CT, 4GG, 4HR, 5BL, 6SB