Thrive at Hook Junior School

What is Thrive?

The THRIVE approach supports children’s emotional / mental health, wellbeing and social skills, all of which are needed to enable learning to take place.

Children cannot always put our needs into words, but the way they behave can tell us a lot about how they are feeling.

Positive relationships are at the heart of Thrive and our ethos at Hook Junior School. Thrive promotes resilience, self-awareness and empathy. It aims to lead to better relationships at home and in school.

Developmental Model

The Thrive approach uses a development model and to help us understand how we develop social and emotionally from birth through to adulthood. The model is split into stages of development. As children aged 7 – 11 years, our stage of development at juniors is Skills and Structure.

There are three ‘development tasks’ for each phase. The development tasks for Skills and Structure are:

  • Motivation for developing skills – Enjoys diversity, difference and acquiring new skills.
  • Developing Morals and Values – Possesses internal/external structure: values; rules
  • Understanding the rules

Whole School Thrive targets

As a school, throughout the year we are going to focus on ‘Whole School Targets’ suitable for our stage of development. We aim to incorporate the target into all aspects of school life, including the curriculum.

Our current whole school target, based on these developmental tasks is:

To help champion our whole school targets and Thrive programme, each class has an allocated Thrive Ambassador. The Ambassador team is an enthusiastic, proactive group of children who regularly meet with Miss Carne to review how their class is progressing against the current target and to set new goals.

Our Thrive Ambassadors:

Year 3: 3LE: Alma B, 3BR: Esther C, 3LO: Emelia P, 3ZF: Evie H

Year 4: 4CT: Jak J, 4RE: Pasha S, 4GG: Henry F, 4HR: Henry K

Year 5: 5GH: Thomas R, 5TC: James B, 5PB: Oscar P, 5BL: Jakey S

Year 6: 6GR: Summer K, 6SB: Olivia S, 6KH: Ravit G, 6FS: Zac K

In order to get everyone involved with the current whole school target, the Thrive Ambassadors wanted to set pupils and staff a challenge. They have challenged everyone in the next few weeks to ‘try something new’. This can be something big or small but the most important thing is learning about the skills/behaviours required to try something we haven’t before. Examples of some of the behaviours / skills we need include:

  • Setting clear goals
  • Showing resilience
  • Learning from mistakes
  • Adopting a growth mindset
  • Learning from someone with more experience
  • Practice

The Ambassadors are collecting up examples of the new things we have tried across the school and we are looking forward to sharing what we have been up to on the weekly newsletter. Indeed, we are looking forward to giving you regular feedback / information about how we use the Thrive approach in school both at a whole school level and through individual sessions.