One of our fundamental aims is to educate the whole child and to help them be happy, experiencing success and a sense of satisfaction in work well done, thereby increasing their self respect and willingness to persevere.

Once a week our school gathers together for our Certificate Assembly. This is the time when we celebrate the achievements our children have made, either at home or at school, during the previous week.

House Points

Children are awarded house points for good work, good behaviour, effort, achievement or by showing good manners to adults and classmates. Every week, Year 6 ambassadors collect these house points and in celebration assembly the winning 'house' is celebrated.  

Star of the week

Every week, one child from each class is selected to be 'star of the week'. This child will have gained the most team points during the week. This child has their photograph displayed in the central area corridor of school, as well as in the admin newsletter.

Celebration Certificates

Each teacher awards one or two certificates during celebration assembly for children who have made extra effort, have shown resilience, resourcefulness, team work or manners. Teachers' can also award creative certificates for all areas of the arts.

Reading Challenge

The golden book award is given to the class with the highest percent of children that have read at home during the week. The class keep the award for one week to celebrate their success.

Reading Raffle

Those children who read regularly each week are rewarded a special reading raffle ticket which goes into a raffle draw that takes place every Friday.  The lucky winner gets to choose a book to keep.   

Handwriting Distinction

Children are presented with a pen and a certificate for distinction when writing is consistently neat and legible.

Handwriting Excellence

Children are presented with a fountain pen and a certificate for excellence when writing is consistently joined and neat when using pen across all subjects.

Head Teacher's Award

The Headteacher's Award is given for exceptional achievement, behaviour, or effort.

Lunchtime Raffle

Children will be given a raffle ticket if they have demonstrated good behaviour or manners throughout lunchtime.  All raffle tickets will be put into a draw at the end of every half term and small prizes are given.