Vision and Values

Through the Aims of our School, we believe that we should enable children to develop socially, academically, culturally and spiritually within a caring atmosphere underpinned by strong values.

In order to achieve this we will pursue a number of objectives, including:

  • strive for all children to achieve high personal standards in all areas of their learning and their development
  • establish a firm foundation of positive attitudes, skills and understanding
  • prepare children to understand themselves as learners and to regard themselves as lifelong learners;
  • seek to develop active learners with lively and enquiring minds who are self-motivated, self- confident and independent;
  • provide a holistic, creative and inspiring curriculum built on an integrated thematic approach which is delivered through stimulating, investigative activities and first hand experiences that challenge and motivate children to learn;
  • recognise, celebrate and praise personal achievement in all areas of school life;
  • promote high standards of behaviour, respect and care underpinned by strong values;
  • provide a well-organised, challenging, stimulating and secure learning environment

These aims and their cumulative development are illustrated in our Values Model, which aligns key national curricular objectives with the values and characteristics we aim to develop in each and every individual child.

The Hook Junior School Values Model

Hook Junior School Values Model