The school facilities can be hired throughout the year including weekends, evenings and holidays.

Please contact the school office on 01256 762468 for further information.

Buildings and facilities are offered for hire in accordance with the following policies:

Classroom : £7.00 per hour

A large room with seating and desk space for approxmately 25 people.

Classrooms are fitted with an interactive display or a large flat panel screen. Flipcharts can also be provided. Each classroom is in close proximity to refreshments and toilets.

School Field : £12.00 per hour

The school field is approximately the size of two full sized football pitches and is only a short distance from the main school building.

School Hall : £20.00 per hour

The school hall measures aproximately 10 metres by 19 metres with a ceiling height of 3 metres. The Hall is large enough to accommdate over 150 persons when configured as a performance space with seating.

Tables can be provided for seating up to 50 persons for desk based activities or dining. An optional stage is available and can be assembled in front of a projection wall. Projection and audio equipment is provided, including a radio microphone.

A stage is available and is comprised of 24 sections each measuring 0.75m x 0.75m, providing a total surface area of 13.5sq metres.

We have a lighting system comprised of 12 static and 2 moving head LED lamps with wireless or wall controlled illumination.

2x handheld micrpohones and 2x wearable microphones can be used in conjunction with our audio system.

A bluetooth device can be wirelessly paired with our audio system.

Visuals can be projected through a short throw wall mounted projector with our own laptop, or your own.