Learning Consultations

Learning Consultations enable you, your child and the class teacher to discuss your child's learning within the curriculum; this constitutes learning in all subjects, and particularly in Writing, Reading and Maths.

We aim for children to develop as independent learners, to learn to take responsibility for their learning and to develop positive attitudes and behaviours for learning. This is more successfully achieved when a constructive partnership between teacher, parent and pupil is forged, of which Learning Consultations are an important part. Therefore, we encourage you to take the opportunity to have your child present during the Learning Consultation. In partnership, we have the biggest impact on children by involving them in the whole learning process at every stage, and that requires their involvement in discussions about their learning and what they need to do next to improve.

We will be offering afternoon and early evening appointments for you to sign-up to. 

Learning Consultations are a valuable opportunity for professional dialogue between teacher, parent and child and an opportunity to address:

  • Learning targets in Maths, Reading and Writing
  • Personal and social development and behaviour
  • Attitude, application to work across the curriculum and effort
  • Effort, strengths and areas for improvement
  • Home learning and remote learning
  • Attendance and punctuality
  • What you can do to support learning at home


In person Learning Consultations will take place in school on Monday 18 October. Your teacher will meet you and your child in their classroom. There is an opportunity to look at the work your child has already produced this year in their exercise books. Please remember that teachers have multiple meetings throughout the evening and must keep to a schedule in order to give all parents the opportunity to benefit from the meeting.

Remote Learning Consultations will take place remotely via the School Cloud parents evening system on Tuesday 19 October. In order to fit all appointments in, we must limit the time with the teacher to 10 minutes per child. After ten minutes from the scheduled start time the appointment will automatically end. This ensures that teachers are able to meet all other parents according to their full schedule. The ten-minute timer begins from the start of your appointment and not from the time you join the call.

Booking Your Appointment

Booking is via https://hookjun.schoolcloud.co.uk/. You will be required to provide a number of personal details in order to complete the registration process, including your child’s name and class. We have already added your child’s name and class to the booking system and you must enter these correctly in order to proceed and make a booking.

After login, you will have visibility of all appointments currently available for your child’s teacher, simply select the appointment time you require from the list. Should you have more than one child in school, you will see details for both children displayed. You will receive a confirmation email on completion.

We recommend that you read the guidance on the School Cloud website before attending online appointments. This explains the process in full.

If you encounter any difficulties in booking your appointment, please call the school office for assistance on 01256 762 468.



We look forward to welcoming you and your child to share in the Learning Consultations.