Spelling Word Lists

In each year, children must learn a number of statutory word spellings. The lists here include words for each year group and can be used alongside other home learning activities.

Choose a year group using the buttons above - the statutory word lists for the year group you select will appear here.

You can use these word lists as a study tool. Read each word to your child and ask them to spell it for you. If your child spells the word correctly, tap the word to highlight it as complete. Once your child has attemped all words, review with them any words that haven't been spelled correctly (words that are not highlighted).

Year 3 Spelling List

Year 3 Word list 1

Year 3 Word list 2

Year 4 Spelling List

Year 4 Word List 1

Year 4 Word List 2

Year 5 Spelling List

Year 5 Word List 1

Year 5 Word List 2

Year 6 Spelling List

Year 6 Word List 1

Year 6 Word List 2